AEW has too many "creepy" gimmicks and NWA has too many people whose gimmick is that they are men.

If the reason why you think your ideal of speech moderation should be enforced by law is that Facebook and Twitter are too big, then maybe Facebook and Twitter being too big is the real problem to talk about and moderation is just a distraction.

I saw the Oscar Mayer Wienermobile! I use its full name here in the hopes that there are other less famous wienermobiles from which to distinguish it

If a goose wore socks would it wear them like this or like this

Keith Lee and Braun Strowman just running into each other is the purest distillation of WWE.

NXT Takeover 

NXT Takeover 

Seems like it must not be streaming. Chikara wins again with its mysteriousness

Waiting to watch the Chikara "?" show. I think? The stream is playing some old match now.

I'm really proud of this list of signatories. Nonprofit sector leaders understand that the .org sale and agreement change isn't just about money, it's about speech.

"woo the internet is dying, now we gotta make a new one just for techies and nerds just like it was in the 90s" is a bad take.

the internet and whatever comes after it needs to be accessible.

"normal" people aren't killing the open web, capitalism is.

The dog on Smackdown wasn't real.

It was predetermined.

Wow, if you think /r/SquaredCircle has gotten better, try reading it after a black person leaves WWE.

guy getting kicked in the head 

fucked up how you can just buy a "personal computer"

aew full gear spoilers 

aew full gear spoilers 

aew full gear spoilers 

aew full gear spoilers 

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