Is "just remembered that numbers stations exist" an appropriate reason for taking a personal day?

Section 230, the crucial law protecting free expression online, is not a handout to large tech companies. Let's not forget that those companies actively lobbied Congress to undermine it.

RT @FirewallDragons: Today I speak with @aaron_d_mackey from @eff about how our cellular providers have been selling us out - specially, seโ€ฆ

Maybe I'm just in a better mood than usual, but I'm really enjoying Raw

Joe vs Cesaro was great. I love it when WWE just decides to have a wrestling match.

Have these weirdly long Skype interviews become a regular segment now?

One thing that's interesting about Mastodon is the use of content warnings for things that aren't offensive or triggering to anyone.

If envy is Facebook's driving force, maybe timidity is Mastodon's.

Ya know, if I /did/ believe that Vince and AEW were in cahoots with each other, I'd be looking at today's news and saying, "See?"

The Ninth Circuitโ€™s recent ruling in Patel v. Facebook shows what all of us must do now: contact our federal and state legislators, and demand that they enact strong consumer data privacy

White supremacists, Nazism, alt-right, banality of evil 

In the new joker movie, they should make it have a dark and dangerous tone.

For example, somebody should say to the Joker: "do you like happiness and being good?" And the Joker should say: "No! I like the opposite!"

Also there should be swearing such as "fuck" for example.

It's funny how everyone knew that Moviepass was a mess. I think the knowledge that it couldn't possibly be a feasible business weirdly drove subscriptions.

For some reason, favoriting posts from other instances is not working for me. I consistently get the message "This resource could not be found"

cc @phil

SECURITY TIP: next time you see a friend in person, verify them on Signal. That'll kill 30 seconds.

There's still a place in my heart for Lesnar, but I'd be okay with him disappearing for a while. This show has made me excited for the current full-timers.

The amount of time that that Stone Cold Skype conversation took was pretty amazing.

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