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@elliot @gavin @Kalias fwiw I use the Toot! app on iOS and it is quite good- All the image/video accessibility and CW options in-app, multi-server support, it's worth it. Dunno about Android

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As the first post and media upload on the new instance I'll use this graphic NJPW made for American fans. I hope we, too, can cheer the wrestlers from our seats.

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the dudes on tiktok that look like chad Polar Express CGI are our fault. The mall used to be where we kept dudes Like That. we destroyed their habitat. drove them all inside the phone

I was so tired last night I microwaved some nuggets and fell asleep before I ate them. Nooo my nuggets

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Today, the Board will consider legislation that seeks to expand private contracting for SF's law enforcement personnel. The legislation was sold to the public, small businesses, and the media as a solution to retail theft. The problem is, the promises are false.🧵

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i feel compelled to re-up my interviews about why developers think nfts are terrible game design
- only one player being able to experience a thing is unrewarding
- we can do stuff w/o crypto already
- market volatility can crash your game economy

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Please watch this video from our friend @TotallyNotMark.

Takedowns from @ToeiAnimation have affected us as well, and the counterclaim process at @YouTube and @Google search is abysmal. This issue deserves attention, particularly with the livelihoods of TNM at stake.

wish dot com Heathcliff
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Quick Q: who is this? Is this from something? Why did I buy this

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We think the RetroStrange Roku app is finally working! Give it a look on the channel store, it’s free!

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SF let businesses build whatever they want on the street during the pandemic, sometimes at the expense of pedestrian safety, accessibility, transit riders and fire safety. maybe there’s issues with rollout/communication, but it’s sad to see yet another “regulations are bad” piece

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It's all coming together now...had to test the Saturn local Netlink setup with the "new" Sony KV-36 CRT's.

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Watch our latest episode with @dustinfreeman, titled The History of Body Tracking For Input Purposes, now available on YouTube.

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I am once again thinking about this X-Files promo shoot from the 90s.

you can be the world's richest man but still can't buy your way out of looking like a potato with hair glued to it. really makes you think

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So the superintendent in Flagler county went against the school board decision and officially banned my book today. I guess we are off to court cause I refuse to let this go.

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Khaled Aedh Al-Otaibi, one of the 15 Saudis alleged to have traveled to Turkey for the Jamal Khashoggi assassination, has reportedly been arrested at Charles-de-Gaulle airport traveling under his own name

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BREAKING: The 1400 striking Kellogg’s workers have courageously voted to reject the contract offer from the breakfast giant.

They walked out 9 weeks ago after years of 16-hour shifts, forced overtime, and uneven pay.

They’ve won some gains, but there’s one big sticking point.

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@AmberTuring @Foone Twitter, consider yourself warned!

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