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@elliot @gavin @Kalias fwiw I use the Toot! app on iOS and it is quite good- All the image/video accessibility and CW options in-app, multi-server support, it's worth it. Dunno about Android

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As the first post and media upload on the new instance I'll use this graphic NJPW made for American fans. I hope we, too, can cheer the wrestlers from our seats.

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“The tax would be levied on anyone with >$1B in assets or >$100M in income for 3 consecutive yrs - about 700 people in the US.”

Divisive. 700 who’ll remain obscenely wealthy after the tax vs 333,000,000 who’d benefit. Manchin doesn’t want spend, doesn’t want to raise revenue. 🤡

regex strikes again
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hey guys big apologies here. i'm the reason that the white house cut all that stuff from the bill. I did find and replace and really screwed it up

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I don't think enough has been made of the discovery that Google's funding of AMP was an explicitly anti-competitive move designed to limit competition from other ad exchanges and what enormous damage this does to Google's credibility with developers:

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OK, LET'S GO: It's been 5 years since @slpng_giants — and your ads are still ending up on hateful, bigoted and racist websites.

Who keeps putting them there? The adtech industry. So today, we're getting them their very own watchdog. 🐾

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I bought Clip Studio Paint for $50 in 2013 and in that time I've received free updates including animation tools, Photoshop brush compatibility, AI colorization, time lapse, and a bunch of actually useful tools that don't involve pyramid schemes or snake oil.

Looks like my PC / home server died and I’m 1000 miles away from it 🙃

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EFF now holds crypto institutionally, making all their interests compromised by being involved in a ponzi scheme. no comeback from this

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Tell me again how white supremacy isn’t baked into every facet of America.

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Just a quick Halloween news update from your dependable local news team!

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@lvaughn @jwz 💯 Go to Disneyland and the only people having a tantrum about masks are adults.

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shaders are dark magic, how can this even fit in 280 characters

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This is a vital read, especially for anyone who wants to know how NYPD will try to malign your grandfather after they strangle him to death on camera and then use mockery of his dying words to hound his daughter to an early grave. We all pay for this execrable behavior.

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this video is what i suspected was the vibe in PR about the cr*pto people using the island as a tax haven.

Tomorrow! We’ll be live streaming from The NODE once again
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The next episode of RetroStrange Movie Night is October 26th, and will be a Vincent Price double feature! More on the blog

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Based on the LIVED EXPERIENCES of the students, @LambdaSchool is a scam

It, along with other bootcamps, have developed shit curriculum and institutions, to profit from ISAs as a business model

Why have they been able to do this for so long…because y’all ignored folx like me

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Nextdoor constantly supplies opening lines to great novels

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@ericlach NYC had around 330,000 municipal workers at the beginning of 2021, so even if this was a thousand workers it would represent only ~.3 percent of workers.

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