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@elliot @gavin @Kalias fwiw I use the Toot! app on iOS and it is quite good- All the image/video accessibility and CW options in-app, multi-server support, it's worth it. Dunno about Android

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As the first post and media upload on the new instance I'll use this graphic NJPW made for American fans. I hope we, too, can cheer the wrestlers from our seats.

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1. They're not on strike (yet). They walked out of their shift early & are demanding the company meet w/ them by 9/29 or they'll escalate.

2. They're not asking you to boycott El Milagro. They're asking you to call the company at 773 579 6120 & tell them to meet w/ the workers.

Dozens of employees at El Milagro - tortilla production facilities - walk out
out, picket in front of the facility in Little Village to denounce decades-long abuse and demand fair pay, safe working conditions.

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If you're planning to drive over the Bay Bridge this morning... you might want to think about @SFBART. There's a horrible backup after a crash on the bridge. Live coverage now on @abc7newsbayarea.

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This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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This is literally the same talking point that the Trump administration used about asylum seekers, except this time it's the Biden administration saying it.

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maybe the deepest ACA option yet: Xevious cabinets that sat in attract mode tended to burn the title logo into the CRT, and you can choose to simulate the logo burn-in with four gradations of severity

My fingers can’t find the strings, my guts are churning, simple data processing tasks feel doomed. My shitposting, tho, top tier rn

Have had the bad brain for a couple days now, making it feel impossible to concentrate and finish stuff. I hate it

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Josh Hawley asks Facebook rep Steve Satterfield, "Why should you be able to advertise to teenagers at all?"

Satterfield: "Advertising is important."

China's central bank rules all crypto transactions are illegal

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With a new website, you don’t have to start with a huge server to host it. You can always scale up, which is what @philnelson of @RetroStrange TV did. Hear his story in episode 1 of the new podcast season:

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Thank you ⁦@DarkSideOfRing⁩ for giving us the opportunity to put some overdue respect, recognition & praise to the name of Chris Kanyon on this week’s episode. Chris was beloved by his work colleagues, friends & family-
“The King of Sunnyside”

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she’s a good girl
crazy bout alvin
loves simon
and theodore too

Spooky season marathon continues. Next up: The Abominable Dr. Phibes (1971)

How is Phibes not a huge property in 2021?

I can’t explain it, yet, but Halloween (1978) and the Adventures of Pete and Pete exist in the same universe

AQI finally under 50 today in the city. My sinuses are on fire

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