Dozens of employees at El Milagro - tortilla production facilities - walk out
out, picket in front of the facility in Little Village to denounce decades-long abuse and demand fair pay, safe working conditions.

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If you're planning to drive over the Bay Bridge this morning... you might want to think about @SFBART. There's a horrible backup after a crash on the bridge. Live coverage now on @abc7newsbayarea.

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This is the ideal make body. You may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

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maybe the deepest ACA option yet: Xevious cabinets that sat in attract mode tended to burn the title logo into the CRT, and you can choose to simulate the logo burn-in with four gradations of severity


China's central bank rules all crypto transactions are illegal

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With a new website, you don’t have to start with a huge server to host it. You can always scale up, which is what @philnelson of @RetroStrange TV did. Hear his story in episode 1 of the new podcast season: lin0.de/OxhaCG

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Thank you ⁦@DarkSideOfRing⁩ for giving us the opportunity to put some overdue respect, recognition & praise to the name of Chris Kanyon on this week’s episode. Chris was beloved by his work colleagues, friends & family-
“The King of Sunnyside”

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Favorite iOS 15 Messages change (maybe I'm a bit biased) — Photos extension supports pinching and zooming just like the full app!

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The SNES classic, Actraiser, has been reborn as Actraiser Renaissance. Fully remastered with HD graphics, rearranged & brand-new music, new stages & boss battles. A unique blend of side-scrolling action & world building creation awaits…starting today!


This is some Google shit
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who ever came up w this art style thats infecting everything now needs to be SITBOTH

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Video of a Physical Penetration Test against an ATM.

Note: The client *forgot* to specify "Non-Destructive Testing Only".... so....

When asked for comment afterwards, the pentesters simply stated, "That's a finding."

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Someone asked me to put the Elvira game in the death generator and I agreed it should go on the todo list, but I didn't make the connection to the Recent News about her.
I'm downloading it now.

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