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Now’s also a great time to pre-order your @BroJBrody hard plastic, reusable solo cups, bro!


Only 100 available & 13 are already gone!

1 for $10 + $5 to ship within US
3 for $25 + $10 to ship
6 for $50 + $15
10 for $100 + FREE US shipping
20 for $160 + FREE

dot pdx. You absolute dorks 😂
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The best part: Pulp runs right in your web browser. You can work on any computer, anywhere, with no installation or worrying about moving files around. Everything is in one place, in one window. And with a few clicks, you can export an actual Playdate .pdx game!

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Playdate Pulp is now available in public beta!! Pulp is a super fun (and free!) game making tool for Playdate. With a few clicks, anyone can turn a game idea into Playdate reality. play.date/pulp

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Reed Richards' hair is grey around the temples because of the horrors he saw in World War II. That's a surprisingly dark part of his backstory that we don't normally hear about.

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Like in this screenshot, she argues that hybrid is bad and anything less than being in the classroom 100% of the time is a failure… and then… “and now in NYC publix there’s no remote option when the cases really are spreading in schools!”

Pick one, MAGA Haberman.

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Remember the metaverse...of 1994?

28 years ago, VRML brought interlinked 3D virtual worlds to the web for the first time. It was like HTML for virtual reality

I wrote about the heady promises of VRML (and why it failed to take off) for @howtogeek:

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The extra $9 between the two bids, Google put into a “pool” that it would use to secretly raise the bids by advertisers using its tools to ensure they would always win out over advertisers using non-Google tools.

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Need proof that corporate mega-mergers are bad? Pull up a chair while I tell you the story of how a merger killed not just my show, but also put an entire TV network worth of workers out of a job.

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some Marine sergeant paid the Island Boys for a Cameo asking his superiors not to kick him out of the military for a DUI

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The assembly cell for my proposal is ready!
A structure built with aluminum profiles where to place the devices.
In the coming weeks, the parts will arrive to fill the drawers.
@LearnOpenCV @luxonis @intel @Microsoft @Azure

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UPDATE: The seven A.V. Club workers in Chicago have decided to take their union-contract-protected severances rather than move to L.A. without a cost-of-living adjustment. A statement from the union (1/X):

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Republicans aren’t even being shy about whether they will end the filibuster if they take the Senate.

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After almost a decade, I'm leaving in solidarity with my colleagues. @GOMediaInc, you have destroyed a beautiful thing, and I won't be a party to it.

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Million Perfect Letters: a shifty word game for the Apple ][


Thanks to @option8, @antoine_vignau, @xotmatrix for testing

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The rollout is in phases, with a subset of users flagged to test the live signup process. Even with that constraint, the site is easily handling ~250k simultaneous users right now, and makes up most of the top 10 federal websites currently being visited. analytics.usa.gov

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The World Bodybuilding Federation.

AKA: How Vince McMahon spooged $15 million on his muscle fetish and longing for acceptance.

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