Who (who??) is out here using Snapchat in 2022 and why?

It’s Bandcamp Friday! That means artists keep 100% of sales revenue today. Go buy something from a musician or label you like. For example my 2021 release of heavily-weirded out drums titled Magnetic Interference philnelson.bandcamp.com/album/

Indeed I believe I WILL have a cute day. Excited my merch order from @BreeLundberg arrived!

Am I just supposed to accept this 1997-ass bullshit from Apple?

We're well into the final day of the 2nd annual LEFTOVERFEST, our marathon celebrating short form video on RetroStrange TV. If you have never checked out my weird, viewer-supported, streaming channel now is a great time to fix that live.retrostrange.com

Not a paid ad, just something I saw: If you're looking for a Telecaster, ProAudioStar has the Squier Paranormal Cabronita Telecaster Thinline for a wildly low price of $229 proaudiostar.com/squier-parano

If you like the Fallout games specifically, or any other post-apocalyptic media broadly, you should watch the serious-but-weirdly-silly Public Shelter Living: Story Of Public Shelter 104 (1964) currently on RetroStrange.TV

Leftoverfest is live on RetroStrange TV! Tune in for our full catalog of vintage PSAs, old cartoons, safety films, and ephemera. Now thru Sunday on our website or the RetroStrange Roku app.

Typewritten ad by Nicky Flowers

Cleaning the kitchen before I absolutely wreck it. Gin and tonic and a joint at 9:30am. The ritual begins.

Last-minute Whole Foods Thanksgiving. To all the other solo cooks out there: May Satan’s glorious wrath be with you on this day. I will see you on the other side.

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