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The trend continues: In the 12pm hour, heading into the Tuesday 1/6 hearing, Fox News was averaging 1.7 million total viewers. By the 2pm hour, that number had fallen to 900K — meaning nearly half of Fox's audience fled the channel during Cassidy Hutchinson's explosive testimony.

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NEW exclusive from me ⁦@washingtonpost⁩ :

Planned Parenthood left marketing trackers running on its search and scheduling pages that shared IP address — and, in some cases, selected method of abortion — with big tech companies. washingtonpost.com/technology/

Dismissing all criticism and doing nothing. The Democrats are going to handwave us all off a cliff.
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Bash: "What do you say to Democratic voters who say, 'wait a minute—we worked really hard to elect a Democratic president and vice president, a Democratic-led House, a Democratic-led Senate. Do it now.'"

Harris: "Do *what* now?"


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New via NY Times: Ginni Thomas told the Jan. 6 committee through he lawyer that she sees no reason to testify to the panel — weeks after saying she would be happy to testify

This is how unserious the Dems are about climate change: Nancy uses the private jet to fly to the Vatican because a priest hurt her feelings.
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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif), a Catholic and vocal supporter of abortion rights, received the Holy Communion Wednesday during a papal mass in the Vatican Basilica of St. Peter, according to several media reports. wapo.st/3OLYa2D

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Wow. Redo the federal Indian law criminal charts! SCOTUS rules, for the 1st time ever, states have prosecutorial power over Indian country crimes involving Natives (as victims) despite zero Congressional delegation. Very disruptive for Indian country nationally. 🧵

I need to chop out all of the Fractured Fairy Tales from Rocky and Bullwinkle so I can randomly shuffle just those

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you can tell the internet has gotten worse because if this were ten years ago there would already be a flash game where you play as trump and you have to hurl burgers at secret service officers blocking your way to the capitol

This is my son his name is Paul Magiblart Mall Magicop. Ignore my horrible cable nest

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I had an absolute blast! Thanks for having me @opencvweekly and @philnelson twitter.com/opencvweekly/statu

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"You know, I don't f'ing care that they have weapons. They're not here to hurt me. Take the F'ing mags away. Let my people in. They can march to the Capitol from here. Let the people in. Take the F'ing mags away.” — Donald Trump on Jan. 6, per Cassidy Hutchinson

One of these 5 is amazing. The others are flavor-of-the-month or live bullshit.
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This week's top-selling albums:

1. @BTS_twt Proof
2. @Harry_Styles Harry's House
3. @thesmiletheband A Light For Attracting Attention
4. @PearlJam Live On Two Legs
5. The Artist (Formerly Known As @prince) The Gold Experience

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No Man’s Sky players in the Galactic Hub have created a cryptocurrency that you can’t exchange for cash. It’s called Hub Coin, and you earn by doing good things for the community, and can spend it on goods from other users. vice.com/en/article/wxn8dm/no-

What. Is. Happening.
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I am PROUD to be a WOMAN working for @LensCrafters.
In this traditional time and anytime ❣️

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Colin Kaepernick, who didn’t force anyone to kneel with him, lost his career and livelihood

But a Christian football coach who retaliated against players who didn’t join him in prayer was just celebrated by the Supreme Court

Welcome to American ChristoFascism

Americans are authoritarian, they will hide and cover up daddy’s bad behavior even if it kills them and us.
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This MF was breaking plates, choking staff, and screaming delusional lies - shouldn’t SOMEONE have gone public about it BACK THEN while they had the chance?

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Last week's episode of OpenCV Weekly Webinar featuring @JacobKyleErvin is now available on YouTube! Learn how Active Replica is creating community, remotely youtu.be/zzkYTa8Hyuc

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This week our guest is Chris Nogiec, who built a very cool automated conveyor belt using AI Kit for the OpenCV Spatial Contest sponsored by and . Join us this Thursday morning on YouTube youtu.be/DWfOtVE9LvU

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