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Now’s also a great time to pre-order your @BroJBrody hard plastic, reusable solo cups, bro!


Only 100 available & 13 are already gone!

1 for $10 + $5 to ship within US
3 for $25 + $10 to ship
6 for $50 + $15
10 for $100 + FREE US shipping
20 for $160 + FREE

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.@HOODSLAM pre-sale for Friday, (March 4th) goes live *THIS FRIDAY*, 1/21 at 1:21pm, bro!!

Be ready, bro - they gonna go quick.

eventbrite.com/e/hoodslam-marc twitter.com/hoodslam/status/14

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Wow. One sign of omicron's workforce effects:
In Household Pulse Survey from Dec 1-13, ~3 million people said they were not working because "I was caring for someone or sick myself with coronavirus symptoms."
When same question asked Dec. 29-Jan 10, *8.8 million* people said this

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Stop price gouging prisoners!

All commissary prices were increased on December 27, 2021.
Potato chips raised from 1.39 to 1.69
Coffee raised from 4.00 to 6.75
Ramen raised from 1.13 to 1.39
Lotion raised from 3.00 to 4.50
Chili beans raised from 4.00 to 5.00

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funnily enough i think, of all things, biden's desperation for belief in republicans being his buddies is one of the few genuine things about him

he'll do anything to get back those martini lunches with strom thurmond and the rest. personal friendships above all else

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are there good alternatives to Flipper for iOS when it comes to HTTP debugging? literally nothing I do seems to fix it in our iOS build and I'm kinda done messing with it.

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There is an entire generation of dudes in games and games writing who were irreparably harmed by Tycho's accompanying blog posts for every Penny Arcade strip in the 2000s and when people have that trauma it's REAL obvious.

A counter to the saddest short story, the happiest short story:

For sale (at 30% under retail): Guitar, never used.

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In summary: Pulp is FREE, OUT NOW, and YOU'RE INVITED to try it. Start making some games today and, soon, play them on your Playdate. play.date/pulp/

dot pdx. You absolute dorks 😂
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The best part: Pulp runs right in your web browser. You can work on any computer, anywhere, with no installation or worrying about moving files around. Everything is in one place, in one window. And with a few clicks, you can export an actual Playdate .pdx game!

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Playdate Pulp is now available in public beta!! Pulp is a super fun (and free!) game making tool for Playdate. With a few clicks, anyone can turn a game idea into Playdate reality. play.date/pulp

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This congressman says how dare the federal government try to regulate federally insured banks against the well known hazards of private money. twitter.com/RepTedBudd/status/

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