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I've linked this elsewhere, but here's Colt Cabana .vs. Toru Yano from 2017 in a match featuring the crowd popping for a DVD trade, Yano literally selling merch _during the match_ to a fan, and so much more

Holy shit, within 2 seconds in this video about Heroes of Wrestling (the PPV atrocity) there's a Robert Tepper reference followed by Manos the Hands of Fate and a Windows 95 glitch. Get out of my head

Really enjoying Kim Justice's pro wrestling history videos. Just finished the 50-minute deep dive on the period in NJPW history between the late 90s and late 2000s is now supporting at $1/month

Shout out to @elliot our 1 and only $5 backer. Get in on our patreon and you too can be thanked by me on the internet

Got a prowrestlingtees grab bag for the meetup on Monday. First 5 to show up get their pick of some unpopular or discontinued junk!

I... may have too many photos of Okada playing dress up on my computer

Fire Pro stream is cancelled, instead we will be watching S1E8 of Vice's The Wrestlers: Wrestling on Canada's Reserves

Time to stream some Fire Pro? I think it's time to stream some Fire Pro.

Tomohiro Ishii is low-key the glue that keeps New Japan together and a top-tier elite wrestler.

july 19 G1 spoilers 

I enjoy Moxley’s NJPW shit infinity more than his AEW shit. He’s got this Stan Hansen vibe going. Just a crazy gaijin who the fans buy as tougher than shoe leather

Kazakhstan government is now intercepting all HTTPS traffic - which is why a trusted root certificate is important

A lot more people are going to claim to have listened to The Art of Wrestling when it was active than ever did. It’s the Ramones of wrestling podcasts.

Well it's so let's make it actually good. Here's Cesaro and Luke Harper having a hoss battle in Chikara like 10 years ago

This might be the next thing I implement on So many books, DVDs, tapes, vinyl, etc, are out of print

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