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LOL I didn’t know it was Summerfest, but am dying for the G1 Climax final

EFF has found a clear consensus among the experts: the political consequences of Ola Bini's arrest appear to be outweighing any actual evidence the police have against him.

Tanahashi / EVIL's G1 bout was a very enjoyable professional wrestling match.

Harley Race vs Terry Funk for the NWA world heavyweight championship

This is a really great dive into some New Japan history that I wasn't all that familiar with. Highly recommended!

#wrestling #njpw

G1 7/29 spoilers 

New Japan has done a really good job of putting Juice Robinson over as a tough guy with a really strong fighting spirit, some great long term storytelling with him (the broken hand, etc).

I've linked this elsewhere, but here's Colt Cabana .vs. Toru Yano from 2017 in a match featuring the crowd popping for a DVD trade, Yano literally selling merch _during the match_ to a fan, and so much more

Holy shit, within 2 seconds in this video about Heroes of Wrestling (the PPV atrocity) there's a Robert Tepper reference followed by Manos the Hands of Fate and a Windows 95 glitch. Get out of my head

Really enjoying Kim Justice's pro wrestling history videos. Just finished the 50-minute deep dive on the period in NJPW history between the late 90s and late 2000s is now supporting at $1/month

Shout out to @elliot our 1 and only $5 backer. Get in on our patreon and you too can be thanked by me on the internet

Got a prowrestlingtees grab bag for the meetup on Monday. First 5 to show up get their pick of some unpopular or discontinued junk!

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