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That STARDOM empty arena show was something else. Hana Kimura is going to be an international mega-star any minute.

Fell asleep before Naito / KENTA, will need to remedy that today 😅

Ibushi vs Okada from Wrestle Kingdom 14 night one is my favourite match that I have seen live. What are some great matches that others have seen in person?

Totally skipped NXT to watch videos from 1992

... and we're back, running the latest Mastodon version, 3.0.1. A short overview of the new features in 3.0.X

I'm laid up with a bad neck, but I've had this awesome, in-depth, Year In Wrestling (1990) playlist on all day. The person did several years, too! Incredibly good Content.

Watching Royal Rumble 1990 and testing out the new dab rig...

I watched almost no wrestling over the holidays, what did I miss that ruled?

I like that when you order "pie a la mode" you are ordering modern and stylish pie as conceptually ossified in the late 1800s.

EVIL and Io Shirai are engaged?! This makes so much sense

Bay Area wrestling fans: As we do every Wednesday at 5:00PST we'll be watching AEW Dynamite at Polo Grounds tonight! Come on down to 747 3rd St in San Francisco for great pub food, booze, and wrasslin

Preview of tonight's card:

aew full gear spoilers 

Congratulations to the people of Berkeley, CA. You showed up, you wrote in, and your City Council heard you.

Berkeley’s City Council has voted unanimously to ban government use of face surveillance.

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