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To be clear, bring back the intro that’s set to Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain”

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LAPD is currently holding a closed-door meeting...

...that it barred media from even though residents invited us...

...while withholding an ATF report it promised to release... if everyone in L.A. doesn't have a right to know how they managed to blow up a city block.

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The rich, successful hacks don’t believe what they tell their audiences. The low-level guys don’t realize that it’s supposed to be a con.

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A reminder that COVID vaccines aren't infallible. They weren't designed to be. They were designed to limit the severity of the illness if ppl *did* get it so they wouldn't end up in the hospital and die. It's doing a damn fine job at that.

And swollen balls are a sign of an STD

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In Los Angeles, Betsy DeVos is using the chaos of COVID-19 to push a voucher scheme that would force public schools to compete for students to stay open. After conquering LA, DeVos and friends aim to take the plan nationwide.

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Hi! We are hiring two senior news reporters at Jezebel. Please apply! We've love to have you.

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Nicki Minaj tweeting stuff that will make all of our lives significantly worse... People will die. This will go on longer. Insane stans will defend it...

Cool cool cool. Social media definitely isn't destroying the world or anything...

One of the self-preservation things I’ve started doing over the last couple years is trying to set up things after the things I’m currently doing in advance and you’re welcome for inventing scheduling everybody.

One possible future: Within 10 years people will stop writing code by hand in the major languages almost entirely. It’ll be a niche thing, like my hand-writing CSS and HTML and Python already is today.

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Mailchimp just got bought for $12 billion, and employees own no equity

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additionally: not doing this makes you come across as a petty asshole, and potential future employees notice that.

You know when you're cutting a montage to some music on an imminent deadline and the timing finally starts working and it begins and ends at the exact right moment and syncs up in a really satisfying way? This must be what shitty watch maker feels like

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US authorities have shut down a bizarre horticultural heist in Southern California, where a man pleaded guilty on Thursday for attempting to illegally export thousands of high-priced stolen succulents to South Korea.

By popular demand, NOW AVAILABLE for early direct download- "All About Tha (BOOM!)" the BRAND NEW Original Entrance Theme for @AdamColePro!

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🚨🚨🚨🚨 Austin Water officials were unaware that several Austin-area funeral home embalmers were pouring human blood from corpses down the drain until @Ozzy_Statesman contacted them for this story.

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