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was the 2nd leading cause of death in the U.S. in September, up from No. 3 in August and No. 8 in July amid the delta variant surge.

For school-aged kids, it was the No. 6 cause of death last month.

See our new estimates w/@PetersonCHealth:

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@Willow0Wisp @netflix They also straight up lied when they said that Terra "barged" into the meeting

What they should have said was "was invited to the meeting by an executive"

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🍂🎶 Do you love fall? Do you like a great little earworm? I’ve had this on background repeat for the last week, and it’s just super dang lovely

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Don't miss the show tomorrow- 9am Pacific! Registration is still open and still free as always.

Watch the project submission video from Bart:

It suffers compared to the brilliance of Phibes in the Vincent Price Revenge Film genre but is still a gem with some fun, theatrical, murders. VP saws an old dudes head off while the wife complains about his "snoring."

Today's spook-a-thon begins with Vincent Price in Theater of Blood (1973). A humiliated actor yeets himself off a bridge, only to survive. He does the rational thing and begins a bloody revenge campaign against his critics. Very relatable

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Vincent Price also delivered two powerful speeches denouncing racism and religious intolerance while starring in the popular radio show “The Saint” in both 1948 and 1950, and they still ring very true today.

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Breaking: Netflix has reinstated sr. software engineer Terra Field. The trans ERG has also planned a company-wide walkout on October 20th to protest statements made by Netflix co-CEO Ted Sarandos. Organizers say Field's reinstatement doesn't solve the larger issues at play.

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Mortal Kombat will be 30 years old in 2022. But 2021 marks 30 years since we actually BEGAN working on the game. To celebrate, it seemed like a fun idea to share some behind-the-scenes stuff. This clip shows how we created Scorpion’s iconic (GET OVER HERE!) spear move. (1 of 9)

finally someone is making sense on here
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STOP TRYING TO IMPROVE THE QUALITY OF DEBATE ONLINE. no right-thinking person goes online to find strangers to "debate" with. real people, ordinary, decent people, have only come online to view gifs of skeletons fucking

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SATURDAY, Oct. 16th! @HubbaHubbaRevue 's MURDER MANSION!


GORGEOUS GHOSTS & glamorous ghouls galore! San Francisco's world-famous BURLESQUE show invites you to @dnalounge for a HAUNTINGLY good time with things that go BUMP & GRIND in the night!

I will be in the Michiana area once again October 19 - November 2, get at me or be cursed.

WHAT WHAT WHAT. WHAT i’m hyperventilating into a bag rn
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WOW! Tony Khan just announced BRYAN DANIELSON VS MINORU SUZUKI during the AEW RAMPAGE BUY IN SHOW!!!!!!!


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About 2/3 into this is a cool note: HTC is building its social VR on open source @MozillaHubs ‼️

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I’m sorry, WHY isn’t it common knowledge that Toy Story 2 was accidentally deleted by an animator BUT SAVED by Galyn Susman, who was working from home because she was taking care of her newborn child?!

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