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Charles: Ororo you don’t ha-

Storm: Hush! Scott! I know you aren’t about to put that dry ass turkey in the stove!

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“Scott, I told you not to tell her about how you make your Thanksgiving mac and cheese. Cold macaroni noddles and a three cheese blend? Get some help.”

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It’s worth remembering the men who killed Ahmad Aubrey originally faced no charges. It took cell phone video of the murder being leaked online to put pressure on state officials to intervene. There can never truly be justice in a system that operates in such a manner.

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"“Woke” as an adjective and “cancel culture” are each just “political correctness” rebranded for the social media generation"

The Quatermass serials are still way under-known for how great they are

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How Is This Not Illegal, Anti-Union Intimidation by Starbucks?

Starbucks told one barista in Buffalo to attend an anti-union meeting, where it was just the barista & six members of Starbucks management who pressed him for an hour not to support the union

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@spo0ky_dad Congratulations! Red X: A Novel by David Demchuk is one of @nypl's 2021 for Adults!

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Rocket alert: If you're near the California coast (yes, even northern cal!), look to the west tonight at 10:21pm. Should be a sight. And L.A. Twitter will be full of UFO reports.

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Caves Of Qud is simultaneously one of the best roguelikes and one of the best open-world RPGs I've played.

Permadeath is now optional, but a price increase isn't.

Honestly, it's well worth $20 or more. But if you want it cheaper...

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she vetoed 3 months of free muni. she turned the great walkway back into the great highway. the tenderloin had to rally for their bus lines back. she has no funding proposal for full muni service.

and now: more free parking!

this will encourage driving & take money from transit

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Our guest on Weekly next Thursday, December 2nd will be Dr Dustin Freeman of Reality Labs! Register to attend free

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Noticed that the DNA Lounge Collection hadn't updated in a month, fixed that right up.

And doing so, reminded how much beautiful performance it holds.

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Please steal and share these RetroStrange TV and LOFI SCIFI promotional graphics @philnelson cooked up last night with your group chats and knitting circles and polycules and whatnot.

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Boston Celtics center @EnesKanter on calling out stars like LeBron and John Cena for not standing up to China:

“Human rights ... is way more important than any deal you can offer me.”

We got the controls and sound workin, it has the paper manual 😍

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You're a busy person, so we've made it easier to find what you need even faster 🏎️

You can now click to select an element inside a selected Artboard without having to deselect the Artboard first 🙌

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With @wirecutter/@nytimes management refusing to come to the table to reach a deal, 100% of our unit will be striking from Thanksgiving through Cyber Monday. The best way you can support us is by boycotting @wirecutter from 11/25-11/29:

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