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Holy fucking shit, the prices of airlines have gone up 4x all the sudden?

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Bruh, they fining native Hawaiians $500 for washing their cars because there is a water shortage due to too many tourists being on the island. Pure insanity. Stop going to Hawaii!!

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AIPAC stands with pro-Israel Democrats and Republicans. They stand with Republican insurrectionists who refused to certify Biden’s election. But, mostly, they stand with billionaires who want a "two-party" system that is united in support of large corporations and the rich.

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We’re minutes away from Friday Night/Friday Afternoon (depends on your time zone) on @tntdrama @ a very special/very early start time
5:30pm ET/4:30pm CT/3:30pm MT/2:30pm PT
A great hour of wrestling coming up on TNT after Creed 2!
Thank you everyone watching Rampage!

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he could get in the damn plane & fly to a shuttered baby formula factory, point at the owners & the fda and just say what the fuck assholes, or he could recite a multi million dollar focus group groaner

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Biden's attempt to reappropriate "MAGA" and "ultra MAGA" was the result of a six-month research effort by liberal groups. My latest w @michaelscherer.

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So, the origin of the baby formula pocalypse was Abbott management's refusal to repair dilapidated and failure-prone drying machines turning the plant into proverbial petri dishes for cronobacter, because...

They needed that $5.73 billion for stock buybacks, obvs

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The I want a bagel to spending $40 on GrubHub fees pipeline

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Google's I/O announcements this year were notable for how many were future promises vs. about to ship. (This is more true for hardware vs. software.) I actually hope Apple's WWDC is *more* like this — talking about features as coming in macOS/iOS in the future, vs. overpromising.

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Guys hear me out, what if we slathered ourselves in vinegar and placed ourselves in a boiling pot with carrots and onions

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Visited @mediarchaeology this morning out to help out a bit with some videos and stayed after for a while to play with some of their things. This is one of the best places on earth!

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so we mentioned a couple weeks ago that we have new shirts...

we also have a way for you to get them! and also stickers! and, in the future, other things with MAL logos and original designs!

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NEW: Tech workers at companies like Amazon, Uber and Block are seeing up to $400,000 vanish from their compensation as stocks continue to plunge — and some advise that now might be the best time to jump ship.

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Slovakian sees a video about American suburbs and posts questions to Reddit. The level of bafflement is hilarious and appropriate.

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On May 21st we're hosting an online screening of The Gold Rush (1925) and Sherlock Jr. (1924) as part of the RetroStrange Movie Night series.

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RIP Fred Ward. Elevated every movie he was in but Miami Blues will always be the gold standard. Brilliant.

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Yo, why did no one tell me Elon had his Tesla workers in China forced to work 12 hour shifts 6 days a week and they had to sleep at the factory and couldn't leave? Bro, that's not a job, that's prison.

I demand Rock n’ Roll Espresso immediately
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It’s been a goal of mine to have a coffee line! ☕️
I may be too old, but it sure does sound exciting!
I wouldn’t even know where to start…

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Walter Struckel in THE PLAYER
Sgt. Hoke Mosely in MIAMI BLUES
Earl Bass in TREMORS
Gus Grissom in THE RIGHT STUFF

RIP Fred Ward. One of the best.

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