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Amy’s Kitchen, an organic frozen food company, announced the abrupt closure of its San Jose, California facility where workers have been organizing to form a union with Unite Here labor union, resulting in over 300 workers losing their

78 degrees all night, had to sleep with the window open, my sinuses are angry and my neck is killing me and I slept 3 hours total. Just a real shit-show today

Representing the best damn tag team on earth, @DaxFTR and @CashWheelerFTR all day every day but especially here

Our first episode with two guests in the virtual set yesterday was a little rough but we made it.

In other news my neck is not cooperating again today. What’s your favorite heat pack?

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Here are some undersea synthesizer sounds along with scenes from “Coral Wonderland”, a film in the Prelinger Archives at @internetarchive.

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Just Signed:

KIDD BANDIT returns to GCW and Effy's Big Gay Brunch on 9/4 in Chicago!

Tix on Sale FRIDAY (8/5) at 11AM CST/Noon EST!

GCW presents
Effy's Big Gay Brunch 5
Sunday, September 4th - 11AM
Grand Sports Arena - Chicago

Streaming LIVE on @FiteTV!

Changing the voice on Siri and my robot vacuum to Japanese was the exact right move

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BREAKING: How Florida Power & Light, @insideFPL, kept voters in the dark as it was secretly financing a spoiler candidate in a state Senate election. Elections lawyers say its a 'nightmare scenario', with @NickNehamas @AnaChacinc

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iRobot's mission is to create innovative, practical products like the Roomba and iRobot OS that make customers’ lives easier. Amazon shares our passion, and I’m hugely excited to see what we can build together for customers in the years ahead.

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VC Marc Andreessen has railed against cities like San Francisco for failing to build more housing.

But when his own hyper-rich, manicured SF suburb proposed a zoning change to allow a small number of multifamily homes, Andreessen and his wife wrote this.

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“Doctors discovered that some stillbirths resulted from COVID-19 directly infiltrating the placenta, a condition they named SARS-CoV-2 placentitis. Cases were found even in people whose COVID-19 symptoms were mild or nonexistent.”

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Here’s ⁦@ABC⁩ NEWS …accidentally releasing a pre written jobs report story with “XYZ” filling in for the coming numbers.. read the text… it is Amazingly wrong.

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"How did you end up working in Accademia?"

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about 40 years ago, wage increases detached from productivity increasea and many economists are deathly afraid this won't continue

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PLOT TWIST: Remember those old shipping logs that noted thousands of barrels of DDT waste dumped off Catalina? Turns out, the acid waste wasn't contained in physical barrels. It was poured STRAIGHT INTO THE OCEAN.

Barrels = an obscure unit of volume

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WASHINGTON (AP) — Four people have been critically injured after a lightning strike outside the White House, fire officials said Thursday.

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